Laura Kirkpatrick of Americas Next Top Model at The Kentucky Castle

July 10, 2020

Working with Laura Kirkpatrick from Americas Next Top Model was a total dream. I remember being so excited for this shoot to happen because a goal of mine I wrote down in a journal when I first started taking photos was to one day photograph one of the contestants from the show. When it came true I was just in awe and amazed!

Laura was so nice and a joy to work with. She let me be creative and trusted me during the shoot. I had to of course ask her questions about the show and her experience and she delightfully answered them even though I felt like she gets those questions all the time. She said, one day I was curious about it all too so I love to answer things for people who are. Really just a down to earth person overall and I hope to work with her in the future again sometime!

This set is from outside of the castle in Lexington. I’ll be sharing more looks and my day with her soon!

Model: Laura Kirkpatrick
Location: The Lexington Castle
Makeup: Britt Moses